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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Americana Cats

Hello all I have a new set of primitive Americana kitties. These were made by a pattern from blue moon beginnings.

They are made from muslin and they are boxed bottomed to help them sit better. I pinched stitched their faces and painted them black sanded and grungied them up good! Mama has a dark burgundy floral skirt with a cheesecloth top. She has rusty wire whiskers. Baby has a rusty wire and bell necklace on and it holding a rusty star. I have also made a muslin and ticking flag for them to display. They both have their paws over their hearts. A great set!

Mama is about 10 inches tall and baby is around 6 1/2 inches tall

This set is 19.99 with FREE shipping!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bird Lady

This is a pattern from Veena.... of course. Fun pattern really neat doll! She is so prim ....She's made from muslin and extreme grunged. She has no hair, stitched face, pinched stitched nose. I made her dress a little different than the pattern and I used a white and pink polka dot fabric which I coffee stained, I really love this look.
She has her bird on her shoulder, and her hand on her hip...cannot be put down. She is really made to hang.

This doll is 18.99 plus 6.95 shipping. Thanks for looking!

Red Polka Dot Doll

This doll was made by me with my own pattern, she is made from onasburg. I LOVE making these dolls. She is completly rag stuffed -heavy doll- and I also grungy and sand these dolls, they are worn in some places making them look and feel old. Her face is painted and stitched and her hair is made of red spun wool. I have a red and white polka dot dress on her; it is a full dress, and red and white ticking bloomers, both coffee and cinnamon stained. I added a little mixed media paper ribbon to her dress in a blue...it also has a -A- scrabble tile for ann of course!! Thanks for looking!

This doll is 26.99 plus a shipping charge of 6.95

Floral Polka Raggedy

This doll was made by my pattern using onsaburg, she is also rag stuffed and that makes her a heavy feeling doll. Her hair is made from a spun red wool. Her face is stitched and painted. Her dress is a pretty floral, with polka dot tie sash, also her bloomers are the same polka dot. This raggedy is so cute!! She is 21 inches tall.

This doll is 14.95 with 6.95 shipping.
Thanks for looking!

Prim Raggedy with Pear

Hello! I have made this prim raggedy using a pattern from sweet meadow farms. She is made using muslin and I have both painted and handstitched her face, her hair is made from a red spun wool. Her dress is floral with a light cream floral apron, her bloomers are made from the same cream floral as her apron. She has painted legs and shoes. I have used a grungy cinnamon and coffee mix on her. She holds a little pear. She is a cutie, and measures 21 inches tall.

Thanks Michelle!!
This doll is SOLD!

Amazing Grace Star Makedo

This star was made by me using onsaburg and I hand stitched a dark blue floral star to that. It is attached to a old potato masher. I have also hand stitched -amazing grace- onto the front. It's measurements are 17 inches high and 14 inches wide. I also used my grungy mix on the entire star.

This star is 17.99 with FREE shipping!

This star is SOLD thank you Jan!